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Nokta Boya Sıçramak

about us

The general purpose of Efeler Yolu; To trigger a sustainable and holistic rural development in the region by ensuring the protection and evaluation of the natural, historical and cultural richness of the region and thus to create a socio-economic development at the local level.

Born with this purpose, Efeler Yolu; It comes to life as a 500-kilometer multi-stage and marked walking path, starting from Bornova district of Izmir, passing the Nif Mountain and Bozdağ mountain ranges, returning to the plateaus of Kiraz and then ending in Meryemana, located in Bülbül Mountain over the Aydın mountain range. The road consists of 29 stages that can be walked in approximately 30 days. The stages have lengths varying between 13-26 kilometers, with "medium" and "hard" difficulty levels.

Efeler Road; It connects important villages, plateaus and important efe beds in terms of efe / zeybek culture using natural paths that are still preserved today. In this context, the road is located in the provinces of Izmir, Manisa and Aydın, where the "efe / zeybek" culture is dominant, Bornova, Kemalpaşa, Bayındır, Turgutlu, Ahmetli, Salihli, Ödemiş, Kiraz, Alaşehir, Beydağ, Nazilli, Sultanhisar, Köşk, Efeler, Tire, It interacts with the districts of Incirliova, Germencik and Selçuk.


Ege University academicians, who came together to bring the idea of Efeler Road to life, established the Ege University Cultural Routes Research Group (EGE-KÜRAG) in 2018. EGE-KÜRAG, which started its activities, has become stronger in a short time by including members from different organizations and specialties. EGE-KÜRAG members pioneered the implementation of the Efeler Yolu idea.



EGE-KÜRAG established Efeler Yolu Association (EYD) at the end of 2018 in order to cover the locals by going down to the area. EYD; Contributing to promoting and preserving the route that constitutes the Efeler Road, the villages included in this route, the historical, cultural and archaeological features of the region, natural beauties, local flavors and ecological richness, to create an awareness and sensitivity for alternative tourism in the region, to create camping areas and natural habitats, It was established to support and develop social, cultural and touristic activities, and to contribute to the realization and sustainability of any rural development investment to be made in villages in relation to Efeler Road.



  1. Etap: Kavaklıdere - Nazarköy /

  2. Etap: Nazarköy - Yukarıkızılca /

  3. Etap: / Yukarıkızılca - Bayramlı /

  4. Etap: / Bayramlı - Yenikurudere /

  5. Etap: / Yenikurudere - Ovacık Yaylası (Kemalpaşa) /

  6. Etap: / Ovacık Yaylası - Sarıyurt /

  7. Etap: / Sarıyurt - Kerpiçlik /

  8. Etap: / Kerpiçlik - Lübbey /

  9. Etap: / Lübbey - Gölcük /

  10. Etap: / Gölcük - Bozdağ /

  11. Etap: / Bozdağ - Birgi /

  12. Etap: / Birgi - Karakoyun Yaylası /

  13. Etap: / Karakoyun Yaylası - Ovacık Yaylası (Kiraz) /

  14. Etap: / Ovacık Yaylası - Ören /

  15. Etap: / Ören - Cevizli /

    Diğer etapların çalışmaları halen devam etmektedir. 




Efeler Road; It is designed in such a way that hikers reach a destination village with ancient values at the end of each day. Accommodation options in these villages are hotels, pensions and camping facilities in natural areas. Destination villages of Efeler Yolu up to Kiraz have been finalized ...


Efeler Road Firsts

The idea of Efeler Yolu is designed as a more comprehensive and interactive cultural route than creating a standard walking route with signs. EGE-KÜRAG and EYD members saw the Efeler Road as a tool in the creation of a holistic and sustainable rural development in our region, but they were motivated by implementing a number of exemplary practices that will attract the attention of the Culture Routes Association and the European Cultural Routes Council. . Therefore, by embedding some features in the idea of Efeler Yolu, a number of features were created for the first time in the world to be realized through Efeler Road. The applications of Efeler Yolu, which will be among the firsts in the world, can be summarized as follows;


Seal and Certificate System

A "seal" and "certificate" system that belongs to each village and will be specially designed for the village, which will contribute to the promotion and marketing of a product or feature of the village. In this context, these seals, which will be specially designed for each village, will be collected by the walkers whose stages have been completed, and the walkers who have completed all the seals will be able to have a modular certificate specially designed for Efeler Road.



Efeler Yolu's suitability for investment was supported by the Izmir Development Agency (İZ-KA) with a grant of 194,500 TL in 2018 with the “Efeler Yolu Feasibility Project” proposal of the Governorship of İzmir. Following the evaluation of the feasibility made by the Governorship of İzmir, a project proposal for Efeler Road was prepared under the coordination of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and under the leadership of Ege University and submitted to İZ-KA. The construction of Efeler Road, which was entitled to receive a total grant of 1 million 341 thousand 651 TL after the project evaluation, started under the coordination of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Efeler Yolu, which is still under construction today; It is carried out under the leadership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, in partnership with İzmir Governorship, Ege University, İzmir Regional Directorate of Forestry and İzmir Foundation and with the participation of İzmir Culture and Tourism Provincial Directorate and EYD.

EYD, which is among the stakeholders of the project, represents the local civil initiative. In this context, village headmen, members, women and especially young people and local businesses were able to be actively involved in making all important decisions regarding the project. The road is planned to be completed with all its elements in the summer of 2022.


From Efeler Yolu Team




efeler yolu logo tasarımı transparan fon

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